Related Smoking Cessation Activities

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 For the first week of every month, Smokers’ Helpline is challenging you to quit smoking for 7 days, and offering a $500 cash prize to encourage you to try.

Click here to learn more about the First Week Challenge.

Related Activities

Run to Quit helps you quit smoking by learning to walk or run 5 km!  You can Do it Yourself or get extra support by joining a Run to Quit Training Program. Register for Run to Quit and you will be entered into our contest. Quit smoking and stay smoke-free and you will be eligible to win a $1000 cash prize.

Click here to learn more about Run to Quit.

 Smokers’ Helpine – Live Chat

Smoking cessation interventions that include text messaging have been shown to increase cessation in terms of reducing cigarette consumption, increasing quit rates and self-reported abstinence.

Click here to learn more about text messaging support to quit smoking.